Ayaprun Elitnaurviat – 2-3

Ayaprun Elitnaurviat – K-1

Ayaprun Elitnaurviat Kindergarten and 1st Graders! Fun to see!

Ayaprun – 4-6

Kids, Kids, Kids! And everyone had a great time! Thanks Kids for doing your best! Assirpaa!

Scammon Bay and Mary Ann Tribute

We lost our Diva this year. But Cama-i 2012 did not continue without remembering the sweet little lady that brought so much joy to our stage, our hearts, and lives. Mary Ann Sundown may be resting away, but she continues to dance in our memories. We were so glad that Scammon Bay was here to share their dancing as well as allow us to be with them in this year without their icon. They shared not only gifts, but a tribute to Mary Ann, and, as always, great stories in their dancing.