2011- Nunakauyarmiut Yurartiat – Toksook Bay Dancers

The Nunakauyarmiut Yurartiat – Toksook Bay Dancers were established in 1964 and have been keeping their traditions alive since then. They are led by Paul John and John Alirkar.

2011 – NANDA Acrobaticalist

NANDA has been together for 7 years. They come to Cama-i from Port Townsend, Washington and are very excited to perform for the Cama-i Audience. They extend their gratitude to everyone who made their participation possible. As they say back home– “BOOM!”

2011 – Caputnguaq Dance Group – Chefornak

The Caputnguaq Dance Group was one of the darlings of Cama-i 2011. The three young ones and the hilarious older folks made for a very entertaining performance. We can’t wait to see them again!!

Thieir description– “These young people started dancing 4-5 years ago taught by Hilary Kairaiuak who was our last elder. She passed away about a year ago, so now we are able to dance by ourselves.”


2011 – BRHS Dancers

In 2009 Cingarkaq Wallace and Myron Naneng brought a small group of Yup’ik Dancers to the Cama-i stage. Each year it has grown and this year this large group of BRHS students is very glad to share their work with the Cama-i crowd. Yup’ik culture is growing!! Thanks for your work young people! It is through your time that the tradition will continue.