2011- Kangirnarmiut Yurartait – Kongiganak Dancers

Our Dance group is very excited to be performing her at Cama-i. We’ve been practicing and performing for 2 years. In the past there have been dance groups from our village, but they were not able to continue. Our village dance group has been dormant for many years and now is returning to the village per the request of the young people. Songs that we perform are compiled by the group after consultation with Ossie Kairaiuak and John Pingayak.



2011- Nunakauyarmiut Yurartiat – Toksook Bay Dancers

The Nunakauyarmiut Yurartiat – Toksook Bay Dancers were established in 1964 and have been keeping their traditions alive since then. They are led by Paul John and John Alirkar.

2011 – NANDA Acrobaticalist

NANDA has been together for 7 years. They come to Cama-i from Port Townsend, Washington and are very excited to perform for the Cama-i Audience. They extend their gratitude to everyone who made their participation possible. As they say back home– “BOOM!”

2011 – Caputnguaq Dance Group – Chefornak

The Caputnguaq Dance Group was one of the darlings of Cama-i 2011. The three young ones and the hilarious older folks made for a very entertaining performance. We can’t wait to see them again!!

Thieir description– “These young people started dancing 4-5 years ago taught by Hilary Kairaiuak who was our last elder. She passed away about a year ago, so now we are able to dance by ourselves.”


2011 – BRHS Dancers

In 2009 Cingarkaq Wallace and Myron Naneng brought a small group of Yup’ik Dancers to the Cama-i stage. Each year it has grown and this year this large group of BRHS students is very glad to share their work with the Cama-i crowd. Yup’ik culture is growing!! Thanks for your work young people! It is through your time that the tradition will continue.