Kalskag Dancers

Sadly… It’s all over :(

If you missed it, you missed a lot! The annual gathering of friends, dancers, and communities is sadly over. I know I met new folks and saw people that I haven’t seen for years. It was SO much fun!!

I will be adding photos and sounds from Cama-i 2010 today.

Yuraret Dancers

The Yuraret Dancers have been performing at Cama-i for many years and are a crowd favorite. The group is led by Joe Ayagerak and is made up of members of the Bethel Community from areas around the region.
Photos from Saturday Night.

Upallret Dancers

Photos from Saturday Night
Upallret is made up of members from around the region that call Bethel, Alaska home. They have performed at many locations around the State including the Alaska Federation of Natives convention in Anchorage.

Leader: Myron Naneng