Mt. Edgecumbe Dancers

The Mt. Edgecumbe High School is a boarding school in Sitka, Alaska with students from around Alaska.

The dance group has been dancing since 1990 when it was formed by Rachel Moreno. The dance group has performed around Alaska and the Lower 48 States including, Alaska Federation of Natives convention and Knott’s Berry Farm theme park. The dance group consists of High School students who teach songs from their hometowns.

Scammon Bay Dancers

The Scammon Bay dancers have been dancing as a group since the late 1960’s. Dancers perform older songs mixed with new songs. Every dancer goes through 1st dance to join group and hold yearly potlatches with Nunam Iqua.
Leader: Harley Sundown

Chevak Dancers

Our Kashunamiut Tribe have been dancing FOREVER…
Many of our Elders have passed on and We, the new descendants, are continuing and passing on our tradition to our young people and our grandchildren. Our songs are gifts from our creator and therefore, We the drummers and singers share with you, the dances of today. Enjoy!
Leader: John Pingayak

Mother of Mukluk Seal Dance – Patricia Bulitt

Patricia Bulitt is from Berkeley, California. She began touring as a dance teacher and creative dancer in Alaska in 1977. She returned frequently from 1977 to 2001 and began working with the Mask in 1979. Her Dance is a Non Traditional interpretive dance. Her long history in Alaska and especially in Hooper Bay, living with the elders has brought us the gift of her interpretation. She is honored with the gift of song by Ossie Kairaiuak to accompany this dance.

BRHS Drill Team and Jr High Club

Photos from Sunday Night