2012 Activities

                    “Up Close & Personal”

                            Room C-22       

    Come meet and learn about their dances!  

                    Saturday – March 24th


     2:00    Irish Dance Academy

     3:00    Acilquq Dancers

     4:00    Static Elementz

                Sunday – March 25th


2:00    Danza Matachin Pavo Real, Texas

3:00    Static Elementz

4:00    King Island Singers & Dancers

  Smile Alaska Style 2012


  YKHC Free Dental Screening

        Pictures and Prizes!

     Sat. 12-3 pm Room B-1



Mr & Miss Cama-i

 Cultural Pageant


Get an Application at Cama-i Headquarters Friday after 6 pm.
Completed applications to Headquarters by 12:30 pm Sat

Judging begins Saturday 1:00 in Room C-23

Contestants are Introduced in Gym at 9:30 pm.

Winners Announced at 11:10 pm.       





A Place of Memory

 Room C-20

Come visit a place to remember those we have lost to suicide

Room open Friday 7-10 pm; Sat 3-9 pm; Sunday 2-7 pm

Special event times will be posted at the Festival

To include someone you loved bring photo to room




Native Foods Dinner – Saturday

4:00 pm Elders ~ 5:00 pm Dancers ~ 6:00 pm General Audience

Help us feed our Guests!  

NEED Stews and Soups!!!  Please bring to LKSD Admin

building cafeteria between 2-3 pm.

Mark containers – name/phone # for us to return pot.

2012 Cama-i Dance Festival Sponsors

•City of Bethel •Calista Corporation •Alaska Airlines •BP

•Dimond Center Hotel •Community of Bethel •Journey Beyond Travel

•Association of Village Council Presidents •Alaska Commercial Co.

•Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation •Bethel Car Rental

•United Utilities •BethelChamber of Commerce •Southwest Fuel Co.

•Alaska Technologies, LLC •Bethel Native Corporation •GCI

•IFE, Video World •Angstman Law Office •First National Bank Alaska

•Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post #10041 •Wells Fargo Bank

•Alaska USA Federal Credit Union •Orutsararmuit Native Council

•ERA Aviation Inc.•Grant Aviation Inc. •Yute Air •North Star Gas •Korthuis Inc, NAPA Auto Parts •Northern Air Cargo •Swansons •Bethel Lions Club •Senior Center •TWC •Subway •Anonymous

•Lower Kuskokwim School District •Kuskokwim Campus, UAF •Kuskokwim Commercial Supply •Taxi Cab Company

•Quyana Cab Company •City Cab Company

JROTC and Bethel Lion’s Club

Pancake Breakfast

Cama-i Sunday March 25th

10:00 am – 1:00 pm

At the

LKSD District Office Cafeteria

(show dancer bracelet at the door)

Cost $7.00 per person

Camai Dancers eat for free!

For Pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs,
juice and coffee

Open to Everyone!


2012 “Cauyam Yuucia ~ Life of the Drum”

“Cauyam Yuucia ~ Life of the Drum” 

Cama-i Dance Festival 2012

March 23rd – 25th

Dedicated to: Arnaucuaq Maryann Sundown  

Sponsored by the Bethel Council on the Arts

Bethel High School

Friday, 23rd: Doors open at 5:00 pm; Dancing 5:30 p.m. to midnight

                           Saturday, 24th: Doors open at 11:30 am; Dancing 12 noon – midnight            

Sunday, 25th: Doors open at 12:30 pm; Dancing 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm


     Local:   *    Bethel Traditional Dancers       *     Ayaprun Elitnaurvik      

                  *    Upallret                                       *   Mikelnguut Elitnaurviat

                       *     Yuraret Dancers                       *   BRHS JROTC Drill & Step Teams

                   *     BRHS Warriors                       *   Delta Illusion Dancers        

 Regional: *     Kalskag Dancers                       *   Pilot Station Dancers         

                  *    Nightmute Dancers                   *      Scammon Bay Dancers

                  *                  Nunam Iqua Dancers           *   Tununak Dancers


Ak. Native:  *   Acilquq Dancers

                    *   Imamsuat Sugpiaq Dancers                                  

  National:   *   Static Elementz

                    *   Danza Matachin Pavo Real, El Paso, Texas                  

International: * Irish Dance Academy


  Additional Activities:  

            *  Native Arts & Craft Sales                       * Quilt Show and Raffle   

            *  Miss & Mr Camai Pageant      * Heart of the Drums          * YK Delta Memoriam

            *  “Up Close & Personal” Seminars to learn about the dances

            *  “Smile Alaska Style” – YKHC free dental check-ups Sat. March 24th

            *  Native Foods Dinner Sat. March 24th 4-7 pm free for everyone!
*  Lion’s Pancake Breakfast – Sunday March 25th 10 am

            Live Web cam at  www.bethelarts.com


Call:  Minnie at 543-1835 or

e-mail: Mini_Sallison_Fritts@yahoo.com


Cama-i 2012 Schedule

Bethel Council on the Arts Presents                                                    

Cama-i Dance Festival 2012

Cauyam Yuucia ~ Life of the Drum

Schedule of Dancers and Events – Bethel High School

Friday, March 23rd

5:00 p.m.              Doors Open

5:25                      Lighting the Cama-i Flame – Welcome – Kokarak Peter Atchak

5:30-6:00             Bethel Traditional Dancers

6:00- 6:30            Kalskag Dancers

6:30-7:00             Irish Dance Academy           

7:00-7:30             Acilquq Dancers

7:30-8:00             Nunam Iqua Dancers

Honoring Our Living Treasure: Kalikiurta Edward Adams, Sr.

      8:00-8:30             Danza Matachin Pavo Real, El Paso, Texas

      8:30-9:00            Scammon Bay Dancers

9:00                        Cama-i Dedication and Tribute to: Arnaucuaq Maryann Sundown

9:30-10:00           Tununak Dancers

10:00-10:30         King Island Singers and Dancers

10:30-11:00         Yuraret Dancers

11:00-11:20         Static Elementz                                   

11:20-11:50         Pilot Station Dancers

11:50-12:00         JROTC Rifle Team

Saturday, March 24th 

      11:30 a.m.            Doors Open

11:55                       Relighting the Flame           

12:00-12:50         Mikelnguut Elitnaurviat School K – 2nd grade

Kaukaq Ruth Evon, O-yaq Emma Wright and Sagtaq Connie Dull

12:50-1:20           BRHS Warriors Dancers                                                     

1:20-2:00             Ayaprun Elitnaurvik – Paista Maurice Nanalook, Yuraq teacher

Ayaprun Loddie Jones – K

Angass’aq Sally Samson – K

Naniruar CarolOulton  – 1st

Arnagulluk Janet Westlake -1st

Inuqa’ar Carrie Dahl & Pasrata’ar Christine Owens

2:00-2:30             Nightmute Dancers

2:30-3:05             Ayaprun Elitnaurvik  3rd – 6th                                                            

Cingarkaq Sheila Wallace– 3rd

Aciuvaralria Sara Przybylski- 4th                                                                         

Alaq’aq Elena Leinberger- 5th

Anman Melissa Gill – 6th

3:05-3:25             BRHS Step Team                                                                                            

3:25-3:55             Tununak Dancers

4:00                      Dinner starts for Elders at Cafeteria                                


Saturday Evening, March 24th    


      4:00                      * Native Foods Dinner starts for Elders at Cafeteria *

5:00                      * Dinner starts for Dancers at Cafeteria *

6:00-7:00             * Dinner served for the General Audience til the food runs out *

4:00-4:30             Kalskag Dancers

4:30-5:00             Delta Illusion Dancers with “Bollywood

5:00-5:30             Bethel Traditional Dancers

5:30-5:45             JROTC Rifle Team

5:45-                     Audience Stretch – Trash Pick-up

6:00-6:30             Pilot Station

6:30-7:00             Scammon Bay Dancers

7:00-7:30             King Island Singers and Dancers

7:30-8:00             Nightmute Dancers

8:00-                       Heart of the Drums 

8:20-                       Y-K Delta Memoriam

8:30-9:00             Danza Matachin Pavo Real, El Paso, Texas                 

      9:00-9:30             Upallret

9:30                        Mr and Miss Cama-i Contestants Introduced

9:50-10:10           Static Elementz

10:10-10:40         Nunam Iqua Dancers

10:40-11:10         Irish Dance Academy

11:10-11:30           Mr and Miss Cama-i Winners Announced

11:30-12:00         Acilquq Dancers

Sunday, March 25th

12:30 p.m.            Doors Open

12:55                    Relighting the Flame

                                                Pilot Station and Tununak Drum to Stage  

1:00-1:10             Pilot Station Dancers

1:10-1:40             Tununak Dancers

1:40-2:10             Pilot Station Dancers return to the stage

2:10-2:30             BRHS Step Team

2:30-3:00             Nunam Iqua Dancers

3:00-3:30             Acilquq Dancers

3:30-4:00             Irish Dance Academy

4:00-4:30             Kalskag Dancers

4:30-5:00             Danza Matachin Pavo Real, Texas

5:00                        Audience Stretch – Trash Pick-up

      5:10-5:40             Upallret

5:40-6:00             Static Elementz

6:00-                       Cama-i Honors ~ Quyana Cakneq

6:15-6:45             Nightmute Dancers

6:45-7:15             Delta Illusion Dancers with “Bollywood

7:15-7:45             BRHS Warrior Dancers

7:45-8:15             King Island Singers and Dancers

8:15-8:30             JROTC Rifle Team

8:30-9:00             Closing: Yuraret Dancers