Upallret Dancers

The Upallret Dancers are a Bethel Group that practices for much of the year to keep Yur’aq alive. The Naneng Family are very active in the community and in Yur’aq activities within schools and other organizations. Upallret has performed State-Wide and this year they bring the Miss Cama-i banner into their group. Wilson was Mr. Cama-i years ago, so the return of the honor was very special to the group.

Yuraret Dancers

After a year off, they are back! Yuraret and Joe Ayagerak have been performing for Cama-i for more years than we can count. Their stories are crowd favorites and actually so well known that almost everyone can recite them. Thanks for coming Yuraret!

Youth of Cama-i

A culture only survives by passing on traditions and customs to the youth. I am always amazed at how talented the very young can be. I think it is because they don’t worry about how they look, they just go with it. I wish I could let loose like that. We are so lucky that groups make sure to instill Yur’aq into the lives of these little people. This collage is of little ones not in a classroom setting. These future masters are members of standing groups. Extremely cute this year!

Funny Faces

Shakespeare has nothing on Yup’ik Yur’aq. Yur’aq is not only the passing of stories from old to young, it is and was entertainment in the Qasgiq during the long winter nights. The actors are mostly nameless, but the faces tell the story. Animated and extreme, our actors provide us with laughter and energy from year to year. Enjoy just a few faces from Cama’i!