Video – Pilot Station Dancers

Video – Danza Matachin Pavo Real

This was the final performance for Danza Matachin Pavo Real and they honored those who brought them here and organized the event.

A Moment with Linda

Linda Curda is the force behind Cama’i. Under her vision and sweat and tears through the years, Cama’i has continued to be the Premiere Showcase of Native Dance in Alaska. Wilson grabs a moment with her (which is almost impossible most times) to get a quick reflection on Cama-i.

Irish Dance Academy of Alaska

What a weekend these Gals had!! They had a great performance on Friday only to have one of the members have an ankle injury and have to go back to Anchorage. Undaunted, the group got together and rechoreographed the entire event and had flawless performances on Saturday and Sunday. We had to explain to the gals that it was an honor for the crowd to go quiet– They had not seen such fine and different performance like this and were in awe of the sound of the clogs! It was so much fun to have these young ladies in for Cama-i. We hope to see them again!