Congratulations to all of the contestants! They worked hard and had a good time in the event. It started with an application and essay, personal interview and issues questions, helping Elders at the Elder dinner, and a stage introduction. We tried to make it fun and exciting as had never been done before, and I think the guys and gals would agree that it was a grand success.
Miss Cama-i Ashleigh Naneng and Mister Cama-i Jackson Kalistook are to be congratulated!

Thanks to Judges Colleen Laraux, Charlene Wuya, and Julia Street, for taking a big chunk out of their day to be an important part of the event.
Thanks to the businesses, Alaska Technologies, Bethel Alaska PC, ID Variety, Swansons, and the Bethel Council on the Arts for sponsoring the prizes.

This couldn’t have been done without Yvonne Jackson, Miss WEIO 2011, for establishing a path of service for future Miss Cama-i’s and helping out so much with making this a quality event, and Kelsey Wallace, Miss WEIO 2011, for gift donations, organizing, and coming down from Fairbanks for the event.
We will see you next year!
Congratulations Ashleigh and Jackson!! Make us Proud!!

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